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New Construction Trailers

Looking for a high quality custom designed office trailer for your job site or new construction contract? No matter what your needs we have the right solution offering everything from small 8’ wide construction trailers up to 64’ foot wide and we can even help you with flexible  financing! Learn More About New Construction Trailer Offices

What Are The Benefits Of A New Construction Trailer?

If you’re performing a major construction project, you need a lot of things. You need to hire the right workers, you need to get the right material lined up, and you may also want to consider a construction trailer.

People often dismiss the benefits of a construction trailer. These are small metal buildings that rest on wheels. Much like a mobile home, but construction trailers generally have only one or possibly two rooms. They’re designed to be temporary on-site offices for the foreman and a centralized place to keep plans and paperwork.

People often argue whether it’s better to buy or rent a new or used construction trailer. If you’re trying to get repeat business, then it benefits you to get a new one. It will hold up to the elements better, and give you a more secure location for office work.

But should you buy or rent? That depends on how often you perform major construction work. Many smaller construction jobs, such as smaller homes or remodeling jobs, can be done without the need of a centralized office. If you perform smaller construction jobs more often, then renting one is likely better. If you perform major construction projects often, then you should buy one. It’s better to own it than to pay money every time you use it.

There are a variety of customizations, as well. There are trailers that are little more than rectangular metal rooms, and trailers that are nearly mobile homes in their own right! If you feel as though you may need to be on-site day or night, a fancier trailer with space for a cot may be a great idea. If you just need a spot to keep paperwork and spread out plans, then you probably only need a small one.

If you’re a professional construction company, then you simply need to get a new construction trailer. There’s no other option if you want to be professional.

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Used Construction Trailers

Rent or buy pre-owned used office trailers and save. Choose from a full line of inventory and upgrades for any job site need. Previously owned trailers can also come fully equipped with hook ups for electric, water, internet, and more. Ask about free delivery and affordable upgrade options. Learn More About Used Construction Trailer Offices

Used construction trailers have become a new phenomenon among experts because of the value on offer.Here is a look at what this option is all about.

Benefits of Buying/Renting Used Trailers

1) Affordable

This is the primary benefit. You are getting a great deal at a great price. It is going to stay as affordable as you want it to be and that is what matters. You will feel secure with the purchase.

2) Get Better Features

You are going to gain access to better brands and better features by going down the “used” route. Most of these bigger brands are priced high, and you don’t want to pay such an exorbitant amount when you don’t have to.

3) Reduces Impact of Depreciation

Think of it like buying a car. You don’t want an asset at its full price because this is going to bite into your value. You will want to let others deal with the depreciation and take advantage of the reduced price.

Uses of Used Trailers

1) Set Up Temporary Office

You will be looking at setting up a new office in a remote area, and this is going to do wonders. This is the reason it is used by construction agencies. You will be able to tap into this value as well with your business.

2) Storage of Items

The second use comes in the form of storage in a remote location. You want to protect those items, and a simple trailer will do in such cases.

Available Options

There are various used options on the market under a plethora of brands.

Multiple companies sell these trailers under their “used” section, and many add them to online marketplaces for selling purposes. Going through these marketplaces is important.


  1. Bathroom (Toilet/Sink/Bathtub)
  2. Master Bedroom
  3. Fridge and Stove
  4. Additional Bedrooms and Laundry Area

These are just some of the amenities one will see with these trailers.


A person can customize the trailer to include additional bedrooms (i.e. jack and jill) or add in a proper washer/dryer combination. You can also include things such as ladder racks, rubber coin flooring, translucent roofing, and integrated latter (rear door). This is just the beginning of your options.

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Construction Trailer Rental

Choose from a huge line of construction trailer rentals and lease options for job site field offices, sales offices, and training office solutions. Don’t pay unreasonable fees to rent when you can get short or long term leases on mobile offices from the top dealers with the most inventory. Learn More About Construction Office Trailer Rentals

Construction Trailer Rental Simplifies Your Work Site

If you are a supervisor, manager, or owner of a construction company, then you know some job sites wind up being such massive affairs that you need an office of sorts at the location where the work is being done. Some businesses choose to keep their own construction trailers, but there are advantages to using construction trailer rentals.

The need for a construction trailer should be obvious. It gives leadership and organizational staff a clean, dry, place protected from the elements to handle blueprints, work on computers, take phone calls, and have meetings. With the right power and utility hook-ups, you can even give your outside construction personnel a space to pack lunches, take breaks out of the elements, and possibly even use bathroom facilities a step above portable units.

If you owned your own construction trailer, you’d have a few burdens to deal with. The first would be having some place to store it when not in use. The second would be transporting the thing when it’s needed or when the job is done.

You don’t have to do any of that with a rental. The provider should handle the transportation to the job site when you need one placed, and they should also come pick it up when you’re done with it. That spares you both transportation costs and storage space. Another advantage to this is that if a project runs over or another one starts early, and you need another construction trailer before you’re done with one you’re still using, then you just call for a second one. You use both for a while at the same time and return the first one when you’re done with it, provided your provider has multiple units at one time that you can rent out.

Buy jobsite trailers for sale

Construction Trailers For Sale

Purchase your next portable office trailer from the company that gets you the most for your money when you buy new or used job-site trailers and modular offices. We’ll make sure you get the most from your investment with price comparisons and without dealing with pushy salesman. Learn More About Construction Office Trailers For Sale

Finding construction trailers for sale isn’t exactly rocket science. All you need is a fast internet connection and a computer, smartphone or whatever kind of mobile device you want, and you’re all set. You can search for used construction trailers in Google or in your favorite search engine, and see what kind of results you get. Most probably, you’re going to find some listings that belong to big classifieds websites. By clicking on any of them, you’ll land on that particular website which contains hundreds of potentially interesting listings. You can browse through the “constructions” or “trailers” category, and make a note of all listings that appear to match your needs. As such websites offer users the possibility to apply various filters, you may want to narrow down your search by entering a few criteria such as the size and the weight of the trailer.

If modern technology isn’t your cup of tea, you can always buy your local newspaper and take a look into the classifieds section. However, you may not be able to find anything of interest, because most people use the internet to list things they no longer need, and want to sell. Alternatively, you can contact some builders in your area and ask them whether they have some old equipment for sale.

The major drawback to this approach is the hours of time you will need to spend searching, browsing, filtering, and eliminating the options that don’t quite fit your needs. Why not skip all that hassle and get exactly what you need with competitive, FREE, no-obligation quotes on trailers that meet your custom requirements exactly? Take 30 seconds and get quotes fast!

 steel storage containers

Steel Storage Containers

Buy or rent quality steel storage containers conex boxes. From industrial containers to sea shipping containers we can help secure your goods with small or large containers. Learn More About Steel Storage Containers

The steel storage container is a viable option for many business owners and is well-regarded as being the way to go.

Let’s take a look at what the container has to offer.

Benefits of Buying/Renting Steel Storage Containers

1) Weather Resistant

It can take a pounding when it comes to rain, snow, and other weather. It is not going to break down nor is it going to let the assets inside get ruined along the way.

2) Secure

What is the primary goal of a container? It has to protect and store key assets the business has under control.

If that is the case, security will always matter, and that is what the steel storage container brings to the table. It is one of the safest options on the market.

3) Easy To Load

For a business owner, efficiency is the name of the game. A steel storage container can optimize the process and ensure transferring of assets is as easy as it gets. This is critical for the business and its bottom line.

Uses of Steel Storage Containers

  1. Storage For Key Items
  2. Transportation of Goods
  3. Security For Goods
  4. Miscellaneous Uses (Schools, Hospitals, Portable Toilets)


  • Full Insulation (Weather Protection)
  • Built-In Toilets
  • Layered Spaces
  • And More!

The options are endless, and it always depends on what the business has in mind with the steel storage container.

Important Considerations

1) Problems

Extreme weather can cause problems as the temperatures might get through the steel storage container. This is often the case in hot deserts or cold arctic conditions.

Regulations in certain regions are particular when it comes to storage containers such as these. It’s important to keep them in mind!

2) Important Features

Key features include weather resistant, convenient, fork pockets (forklift accessible), seamless, and blends easily into the setting.

3) Potential Savings

According to recent studies, a business can save 20% over time in comparison to other solutions. This is considerable as it starts to add up in a hurry. For example, for every $1000 being earned, the business gets to keep an additional $200 in its pocket due to the steel storage container.

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