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Pre-Owned Mobile Construction Office Trailer Rentals

Short-term, long-term, small job, or multi-site project: if you’re looking for a reliable used office trailer to rent at an affordable price, you’ve come to the right place. At US Construction Trailers, our suppliers have fully flexible rental terms from companies offering  some of the best used office trailers around, with delivery and pick-up all a part of the package.

Office trailers are an essential component of many projects and businesses, and for a variety of reasons. When you don’t want to purchase a trailer but know that you need an office solution for your jobsite or due to a temporary relocation need, renting an office trailer provides the perfect solution. And with the wide selection of carefully inspected previously owner trailers available at US Construction Trailers, you’ll know you’re getting the most bang out of every buck your business spends.

Here at US Construction Trailers, we understand your need for reliable, quick, and cost-effective lease options for mobile space for your job site. There are several benefits to renting a construction trailer:

  • It acts as the central point of communication for a construction job
  • It keeps the project organized
  • It’s a resting ground for workers
  • It’s a connection to the base office or other people involved in the project
  • And much more!

Office Trailer Rentals: Convenience with Confidence

Renting a used office trailer from a US Construction Trailers partner provides complete convenience at a fraction of the cost of traditional office space solutions. You get exactly the space you need exactly when and where you want it—no paying for an office you’re no longer using, and no dealing with a trailer you no longer need. With our delivery and pick-up service for every office trailer we rent, you can focus on running your business instead of figuring out where you’ll be running it from.

Our partners also have office trailers available in all shapes and sizes, meaning we can find the right rental for your business, jobsite or other mobile office needs no matter what your work entails. Whether you need multiple large offices to manage different job-sites or a single small trailer to give your business a temporary home, we can give you the space you need without breaking your budget.

In addition to providing the most convenient and affordable option for office space around, US Construction Trailers allows you to rent your office trailers with complete confidence. Each one of the used office trailers goes through a thorough inspection before each and every rental. You are guaranteed a fully-wired, fully-functional, and fully-enjoyable office trailer that will help every jobsite run smoothly and efficiently. For used office trailers you can trust at the terms you’re looking for, there’s no one that helps you find it better than US Construction Trailers.

Job Site Office Trailers Rental Pricing

Go Used, Go Green

Quality, convenience, affordability—and did we mention environmentally friendly? In the age of “going green,” you can boost your image and your bottom line by renting a dependable pre-existing office trailer rather than pouring the money and resources into buying something new. Don’t think of your office trailers as used, think of them as reused. Reduced waste is a good thing for everyone, and US Construction Trailers is helping the world out one use office trailer rental at a time.

Used Mobile Office Trailer Solutions:

  • Project Management Offices
  • Sales and Administrative Offices
  • Swing Space
  • Field Office or Lab
  • Restrooms & Showers
  • Conference & Training Rooms
  • Temporary Job-Site Trailers
  • Affordable Leasing Options


Contact us today for  free quotes and see how much you can save when you rent a used office trailer from a US Construction Trailers supplier or affiliate. You’ll be surprised just how easy it is. Request a Quote to Rent Office Trailers Now

Used Construction Trailers For Rent