Wearables and Clothing For The Safety of Construction Workers – See Whats Coming

From the hard hat to highly visible safety vests construction workers rely on the products and gear to protect them and keep them safe while on the job site. The detailed infographic below covers some most important construction safety products and wearables used over the years and then shares some pretty cool expectations of what the future protective products and clothing will like as new age technology progresses.

From GPS sensors to airbag collars to protect your neck in case of an accidental fall there’s some very exciting new inventions that are sure to make the future of construction far less hazardous. We think you’ll get excited too as you check out these awesome wearables to help protect your employees.

Construction Safety Clothing and Products Infographic

No doubt this is just the tip of the iceberg and we can expect many more quality products and improvements in wearable technology to protect workers. According to  many reports, the new technology is expected to significantly improve jobsite safety over the next few years.

From affordable job site office trailer rentals, safety gear, to new commercial construction bids we will be here to keep you in tune.

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