How Much Does it Cost to Rent an Office Trailer in 2020?

Renting an office trailer might be a better option for you. Discover how much it cost to rent an office tailer in 2020.

Businesses can spend anywhere from 2%-20% of their profits on rent.

In such a pricey market, the temporary office trailer has become an attractive alternative.

Trailers get used in sectors such as construction, hospitality, education, and agriculture. They are flexible, cost-effective, and convenient.

Office trailers can serve as sales, leasing, or central offices in construction sites. They can provide extra space for schools or offices that have outgrown their facilities until a permanent home can be found.

How much does it cost to rent an office trailer? Let’s take a look.

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Cost of office trailersTypes of Mobile Office Trailers

Most folks rent an office trailer for nine to twenty-four months. Many can get used for up to three years. They come complete with bathrooms, doors, windows, and plumbing.

If you are only planning on using the building for a short amount of time, an office trailer can save you a lot of money. It can also get constructed in half the time.

You may be looking to rent an office trailer as an addition to a brick-and-mortar structure. Some people are looking for a single, basic office with a bathroom. Others need something more complex.

From no-frills structures trailers to a modern office, your local trailer professional can help you customize your space. Your trailer can be broken into a single office and storage combo. Or it can be divided into multiple offices, a break room, or private offices.

Double-wides are two-unit trailers that are welded together. Those looking for a mini-company home often opt for this design. It can house up to four separate offices, including a kitchen and break area.

Triple-wides are less popular. These spaces have three separate offices welded together.

Triple-wides can provide you with an immediate, large temporary office space. Many folks, however, do not want to have to pay for the shipment of three separate trailers.

Trailers come in various sizes and layouts. Some are simple, small office spaces. Others are classrooms big enough to hold forty people, complete with a whiteboard for instruction.

Your trailer may have heating and cooling systems, multiple exits, or bathrooms. Be sure to choose a trailer company willing to work with you on the right layout.

Portable Office Trailer Costs

office trailerIf you plan to get your trailer for one or two years, your best option is usually to rent. A trailer that costs you $400 a month to rent will end up being $4,800 a year excluding delivery, setup, and removal.

That same trailer will cost you $14,600 to $40,300 if you buy it.

Purchasing may be the best option, however, if you are always moving from site to site. If you sign on to a longer contract or end up keeping your trailer for more than three years, you may be able to apply your rental fees to a purchase.

The exact cost for a rental will depend upon your location, as well as the layouts and amenities you choose. Trailers are the most expensive on the east and west coasts. They are the most affordable in the midwestern and southern United States.

A small trailer, usually around eight feet by twenty feet, can be rented for around $106 to $207 a month. A medium-sized trailer is around ten feet by forty feet. This might rent for $160 to $300 each month.

A larger trailer measures around ten feet by sixty feet. For these, you may need to pay upwards of $530 each month.

In addition to what you spend on the trailer itself, you will want to plan on spending $1,060 to $1,510 on setup and delivery. It will also cost anywhere from $400 to $1,000 for removal.

Accessories cost extra with a trailer. Steps leading up to the trailer can be $22 to $50 to rent. The skirt has a one-time fee of $540 to $750.

Most companies require a minimum three-month lease on an office trailer. Some offer discounts for signing for a year.

Finding The Right Trailer

Do your homework before signing with a trailer company. You will want to get quotes from a number of different businesses first. Make sure that the price you end up signing onto lines up with what most companies are quoting.

Look on sites like the Better Business Bureau to see if there have been any complaints about the trailer dealer you are considering. Look online for reviews. Many people will give honest, anecdotal feedback about their experiences.

You will want to see if customers’ trailers were delivered and set up on time. Also, look to see what they said about the condition of the trailers. You don’t want to rent anything that will leak or look unsightly.

Ask friends or social media contacts for recommendations, but be sure to do a little research before making your decision. You will want to work with a company that is willing to customize a trailer to your particular needs. Be sure that they are flexible and willing to listen to your requirements.

Get a contract in writing before you rent. Be sure that it breaks down the project timeline. Your contract should detail all costs, including labor.

If your company cannot give you specific dates and prices, it may be best to move on. Professional trailer companies will be able to tell you exactly what to expect.

Rent An Office Trailer

If your company or school is in the market for affordable, temporary space, it may be time to rent an office trailer. Be sure to check out different prices and styles before settling on your construction.

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