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Current Issues at the Forefront of the Construction Industry

Construction is an industry that never stands still. Developments and innovations rush forward, and as they do, so do the customer demands placed on firms. To stay competitive in the industry, you have to find ways to meet those demands, no matter how quickly they arise.

Changes in the industry aren’t always for the worse. Some allow companies to provide better and more efficient service to their clients, but others place additional stress on an industry that is at times already hard-pressed to keep up. Here are some of the top trends and issues that are currently faced by operators in the construction industry.  


Comprehensive Offerings

The days when customers wanted to shop around for every participant in major projects are ending. Instead, clients are turning to construction companies that work with architects, engineers, and any other professionals that are required to take a project from inception to completion without having to coordinate with external providers.

Lack of Skilled Labor

This is a pinch that almost everyone in the construction industry is feeling. It seems to be getting harder and harder to find the skilled labor needed to fill the available positions. Most companies are scrambling to find effective ways to address the shortage.

The Changing Face of Construction Technology

As technology becomes more important in all areas of big business, it is emerging as critical in construction in new and unexpected ways. Instead of simply being used to facilitate the construction processes, technology is now becoming a completely new facet to the construction industry. Collecting data and employing analytics is part of the industry that is here to stay. In addition, the technology being integrated into buildings themselves in the form of advanced control systems is redefining how the industry views building control.

Of course, new tech is also being used to facilitate the actual hard work done by those in the construction industry. Exciting advancements include the use of drones for providing detailed project monitoring and photography.

Growing Safety Standards

Safety is moving from a disregarded necessity to an issue at the forefront of the construction industry. As construction is one of the most dangerous occupations in the country, regulations and standards have grown more and more stringent. In addition, the regulatory bodies are finally taking steps to hold their ground and use much stronger fines and legal penalties for companies found in violation of safety guidelines.

Prefabricated Construction

By utilizing off-site construction or modular buildings units, construction companies can save cost and time on a variety of projects, while still achieving results. By taking the modular options available to them and incorporating them within the scope of a larger project, construction companies are finding ways to get projects off the ground quickly and in a cost effective manner.

These issues certainly bear watching throughout the remainder of 2015 and into the New Year. Some have created needs within the industry, and others have formed new opportunities. Leaders in the industry will certainly have to contend with both moving forward.

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