Check Out These Informative Pictures And Facts About Heavy Commercial Construction Equipment

Many children once obsessed over our toy bulldozers, excavators, and dump trucks, only to grow up and want to actually operate a life size machine with its raw power on the construction field. We can’t help you with that dream but if you’ve even wondered about the horsepower, weight, or even how much it would cost to actually own one of these heavy construction trucks then check out the infographic below and discover some cools facts that the team at US Construction Trailers found online.

Heavy Construction Equipment Types - Infogrpahic

No doubt the bulldozer was one of most sought after toys from our childhood but you know the real thing is a clear offspring of the crawler tractor? Used in conjunction with other monster sized earth-moving equipment, the bulldozer is the perfect tool that is used in almost every construction site you’ll ever see.

The major manufactures in the US are Caterpillar, John Deere, and Case Tractor Company and these machines are characterized for their immense blade and versatile track, are comprised of many structural, hydraulic, and engine assemblies.

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