Going Green With Modular Buildings

The Energy Industry Is Making Use of Modular Facilities – Here’s How

When you turn an eye to California, it becomes easy to see the difference modular facilities are making in the energy industry. California is aggressively pursuing greener sources of energy, leading to an influx of new green energy projects. Regulations and environmental targets are forcing energy producers in California and around the world to start turning to greener technologies in order to produce the energy we all need.

As a result, new energy production methods such as wind, solar, tidal and other technologies are being rolled out in record numbers. The sizes of the projects are growing, and the number of new projects being launched increases every year. Because of this trend, energy producers are seeing the futility of building permanent offices or work camp facilities at each location where a new project is being launched. Instead, the industry is turning to modular construction options.

However, developing, building, and launching an energy production facility is a lengthy process. When dealing with green energy, locations need to be scouted, tests need to be performed, infrastructure needs to be developed and then the facilities need to be managed once they come online. This requires a good base of operations in places that are often remote and not near permanent office facilities.

One of the greatest advantages the modular model of construction offers energy companies is that an office space can be up in running in an extremely short amount of time. Modular units can be offloaded off a truck and hooked up and ready to operate in a fraction of the time that it would take to build even the most modest facility from the ground up.

The other advantage modular construction offers is that it allows companies to move offices from one site to another. This helps keeps costs down, as the only cost becomes the cost of transportation, eliminating the cost of construction an entirely new facility.

Modular facilities offer energy companies the ability to build all the structures they might need to take them from testing through to project completion. Office space, workshops, storage space and even living quarters can all be provided from a modular building company. This also makes management of the project much easier and more streamlined. Instead of having to deal with dozens of different subcontractors to get a camp up and running, energy companies turn to modular building specialists, who offer a sort of one-stop shopping experience, and provide a complete, ready-to-use office or workspace.

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