Measures That You Should Take To Prevent Construction Site Theft

Measures That You Should Take To Prevent Construction Site TheftHeavy equipment and valuable materials that are found in construction sites make the sites vulnerable to theft. Construction site theft is a major issue that leads to substantial financial losses, but it is quite surprising to note that the measures to ensure construction site security are often underestimated. Losses due to theft will cost you in terms of money as well as time and so you may want to follow a few simple ways to protect your valuable tools and machinery from being stolen.

Ideally, a unique security plan should be designed for every work site depending on its specific conditions. Formulate an appropriate security plan and share it with your team, subcontractors, and clients. Make a note of your asset inventory and keep tracking it on a regular basis. Additionally, you should restrict the entry of unauthorized people to your site. While it may seem to be a normal measure that needs to be implemented, thieves often gain unrestricted access to construction sites without being noticed. Secure your worksite by constructing fence around its boundary. Demarcate the entry and exit points and monitor them closely at all times. It is a good idea to keep a board stating “Authorized personnel only” at the gates. You may allocate a separate parking space for your employees and visitors outside your work premises to reduce unwanted traffic inside your worksite.

Appoint security supervisors and make them responsible for the security of your worksite. They will authorize the entry of visitors, personnel, and supplies into your worksite. You may have your security supervisors wear a different uniform which will allow you to identify them quickly whenever you need them. You should keep a log book in place and ask your visitors to sign in when they enter your work site and sign out when they go out. Additionally, your security supervisors should also make sure that all the equipment, materials, and vehicles are kept in secured places at the end of the workday.

You may upgrade your security control measures by installing a video monitoring system at your site. You may use construction trailers to store your equipment and materials when they are not in use. Install strong lighting on entrances and on places where valuable items are stored. Keep on-site security guards in place to ensure site-monitoring on a 24/7 basis. Add secondary fencing to enhance your perimeter security and secure the windows of all buildings by installing bars. Implementation of appropriate security control measures can go a long way to protect your equipment and vehicles, but nothing can ensure 100 percent security. You should stay alert and report incidents immediately to your local law enforcement to reduce the risk of future incidents.

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