What to Look for When Renting Jobsite Trailers

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The construction industry in the US has a market size of $2 trillion in 2021. The statistics highlight a huge expenditure on each construction, so you should manage it well. As a site manager, jobsite trailers are essential since they’re your base of operations.

With the right job site trailer, you can keep a close eye on the project. The jobsite trailers act as temporary offices, which eases your job as a manager. Regardless of the size of your management team, you can find a trailer to fit them.

Renting a trailer is suitable for handling your accommodation needs at the site. The many available options make choosing a jobsite trailer is overwhelming. It would help to make a sound choice since it can make or break your employee morale.

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Determine How Long You Need the Jobsite Trailer

Depending on the length of the project, you can determine whether to rent or buy a jobsite office. Therefore, it’s essential to look at the project period before you can make the decision.

You may need to use the job site trailer at multiple sites over a long period. As a result, your need might be inclined to a custom mobile office, meaning buying is the right choice.

Renting is advisable if you’re using the trailer for a single construction site. Renting is cheaper and more viable since it lowers construction expenses.

Space Is Key

How much space do you have on your construction site? You need to assess your landscape and determine the space available for the trailer.

You need to prepare where you’ll set your trailer beforehand. Do away with any uneven surfaces or slopes on the set-up site.

Inform the trailer company of the space that’s available. If it’s possible, let the company preview the location. Such information helps them in several ways, including;

• Recommend the Jobsite trailer option that’s the right fit for your construction site

• Bring the right equipment and supplies necessary for construction trailer installation

Determine how you’ll plan amenities like electricity to the trailer. Designing the space ahead of time ensures a careful spot selection and saves you relocation costs. Consider factoring in the space needed to fit the delivery truck.

Consider New or Used Trailers

Do you prefer a new or used trailer? When renting a trailer, both options are available for you to choose from. Depending on your selection, both alternatives have countless benefits; ensure it’s an excellent fit for you.

Used trailers come with pre-fitted office structures. The fact that they’ve been rented out before makes them much cheaper. Therefore, they’re ideal, especially if you’re working with limited resources.

New trailers can be quite costlier since they’ve never been used. However, they’re a great option if you’re after customizing the unit for your use.

Ensure the jobsite trailer you pick, whether new or used, is in good condition. Clean units, even if they’ve been used, will serve you properly for the duration you rent them.

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Consider the Type of Mobile Trailers

What type of jobsite trailer office do you need? There are different jobsite trailer options, so you need to choose the best type for your needs.

Single wide office trailers are ideal if you don’t need an extensive office area. The space is enough for restrooms and a reasonable number of closets. If you have limited needs, the single-wide office trailer can be an excellent option for you.

Multi-wide office trailers offer you more width and can be ideal to fit in a larger management team. You get multiple features, including several restrooms and office partitions. However, multi-wide office trailers need a lot of on-site assembling and can run up huge costs.

Work Within Your Budget

How much are you willing to spend on the jobsite trailer rental? Considering it’s related to the construction project, you might want to keep the budget low. It’s, therefore, necessary to ensure your trailer selection fits within the budget.

The costs are influenced by factors such as;

• Trailer features

• Trailer size

• Delivery and installation costs

Consider comparing quotes from different trailer companies to pick a reasonably priced choice. Ensure the quotes are inclusive of all costs to avoid surprises. Hidden fees tend to inflate the expenditure, meaning you spend past your budget.

Check the trailer’s company inventory and find an option that’s suitable for you.

Decide on the Size

How much size does the trailer have? Choosing based on the size is dependent on the office trailer usage at the construction site.

The thumb rule is that each employee needs at least 100 square feet of space. You’ll thus determine the size depending on how many people you have on your team. For instance, a 12′ x 60′ sized unit comfortably fits 5-6 people.

The larger the jobsite trailer size, the costlier they get. However, you should know how to balance comfort and expense. Remember, a congested office can cause workers discomfort and lower their productivity.

Additional Features and Amenities

Think of other amenities that you may need. Is it an AC system, or rather LED lighting fixtures? Such extra features can help fine-tune your decision of the jobsite trailers that you can go for.

Some special features aren’t included within the typical trailer office spaces. However, they determine the comfort of the jobsite office, especially during harsh weather. An AC unit looks like a luxury but comes in handy when you have to work indoors under the scorching sun.

Additional office trailer amenities include security systems or restrooms fitted for the disabled. Such features are convenient for serving everyone, so they’re critical.

You Now Know What to Look for When Renting Jobsite Trailers

Choosing the jobsite trailers to rent doesn’t always have to be challenging. The above guide on what to look for when renting jobsite trailers. A great office trailer for the construction site makes managing the project easier.

At US Construction Trailers, we are committed to helping you find what you need quickly and at a low price.

Our focus is to help your construction business focus on project completion. Just tell us your specific needs, and we’ll be happy to pair you with several mobile office dealers.

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