construction technology at work
Throughout history, construction technology has been a constantly evolving beast. From the industrial revolution to mass manufacturing.

Technology never stops.

It is the key to continued growth and the driving factor behind society’s need to move at an ever increasing pace.

Even now, there is a new robotic tool taking over the construction industry. A pioneering device that is revolutionizing construction across the globe.

What most people think of as a cool toy, is rapidly becoming one of the most efficient and valued pieces of construction technology on the site today.

Do you know what this golden piece of technology happens to be?


A New Piece of Construction Technology is Revolutionizing the Industry

Drones are proving themselves to be the most useful piece of equipment on a construction site.

Think about it, they are lightweight, maneuverable, and let’s face it, they don’t yet have a union.

But why are drones proving to be so useful?

1. Surveying the Terrain

You are the foreman on a huge site, with a team of people ready to start working, but you still need to complete the final surveys.

You can bring in a crew of people, and a boat load of expensive machinery, and let them run loose over the site, and hold off your crew until they are finished.

Or, you can send up a done, and let it work its magic over the entire area.

What’s the difference you ask?

Well mainly, time and money.

We both know these things have a direct correlation to one another. Saving one increases the other.

With this latest leap in construction technology, you could save yourself time and increase your profit margins.

Not only will drones get the job done faster, but they offer you a way to get a view of the landscape from a number of heights and angles that give you that extra edge when it comes to identifying possible pitfalls.

2. Reporting in all its Forms

Drones are the perfect way to gather data from around the job site.

Whether you’re looking for numbers you can crunch over the weekend, or simply helping you monitor the different projects going on at different points of the site, this piece of construction technology will get the job done.

You may need to invest in several different drones based on the actual level of data you are looking to acquire.

Drones can also be used to gather data for reporting to those that are not on site.

It could be reporting through to the head office, or even directly to a customer that is based overseas, or away from the main construction site.

You could even use them to send data and 3-D mapping imagery from one side of the site, to the other, and save on the expense of having one of the crew do it for you.

Keep in touch with others on your team through app driven drone technology that helps the project run smoothly, and ahead of whatever curveball is thrown your way.

3. Liability and Risk Management

Be honest, there is a great deal of risk involved in construction work. You have a lot of people working with, and around heavy equipment. You have people moving up and down construction rigs carrying loads and making way for others.

Not to mentioned the risks presented by unpredictable environmental factors.

What if there was a way to send in a small, agile piece of construction technology that could check out that possible problem you saw, before anybody else, sets foot on the site and puts themselves, and you, at risk of a possible insurance claim.

Maybe you are midway through a long project, and you think that certain members of the team are taking a few shortcuts with the safety protocols, but want to be sure of it before you say anything.

Send in your drone, and let it check out the lay of the land. Capture video and photos for later analysis, and address the issues before they become a problem.

4. Keep a Watchful Eye Over the Entire Team

Even on a small commercial project, the average crew size can reach thirty-two. Imagine an even larger site, or maybe even several sites in close proximity. The number of people involved could skyrocket.

For a project manager, keeping a check on where everybody is and what they are doing could be a logistical nightmare.

Advancements in construction technology mean that you can now keep an eye on the entire site, and any point in time.

With drones offering 4k resolution cameras, and live feed video streaming, you now can be everywhere at once.

From monitoring progress to keeping a check on tools and supplies, to even just doing a quick sweep over the entire site at the end of the day.

A drone can deliver you the ultimate way to save time, and maximize the efficiency of your project. 

Better Project Management With Drone Technology

By incorporating drones into your project management toolbox, you’re showing prospective clients that you are not afraid of embracing the latest in construction technology.

You’re also positioning yourself to deliver a better, more efficient project, that comes in on time, under budget and with an incident free record.

Reliable and accurate, you can turn your business model on its head by harnessing the power of drones.

Why continue to give rough estimates on potential jobs, when you can come in with the drones and deliver a far more exact estimate, and running cost analysis.

Deliver yourself and your clients, peace of mind, with the knowledge that the project budget is safe. Give a timely warning when a project looks to moving out of the set cost zone, and take immediate corrective action on any possible risks you see.

Drone technology is the future of construction, and your business stands to be bigger, stronger, and better as a result.

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