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14 Inventive New Uses for Shipping Containers (Ideas and Inspiration)

Shipping containers aren’t just for transporting cargo anymore. Sure, they’re still great for that purpose too. But to spark your imagination, we’ve collected 14 truly innovative ways for you to use shipping containers. These should give you some great ideas.

The US Construction Trailers team compiled a list of thirteen inventive shipping container ideas that you probably never even thought of.

1. Schools

In poorer parts of the world, constructing schools can be really expensive. It’s because of this that some places have taken to using storage containers.

By using renewable energy these areas strive to provide the same exact education that any other country can provide.

2. Restaurants

Using shipping containers as base structures for restaurants has become a huge trend recently.

These mobile restaurants have become a fresh way for people to enjoy food and for businesses to cheaply use and maintain.

shipping-container-house3. Homes

Using cargo containers to build spacious tiny homes has been an awesome and energy efficient alternative that’s been popping up everywhere.

They’re like any other home out there except they’re smaller and solar powered. Don’t be too turned off by the idea, you can make a seriously gorgeous home out of them.

4. Workshops

Due to lack of room or privacy at home, many people are turning to use storage containers as alternative workshops.

They have just enough space for tools and other workshop supplies. Many artists are even taking this storage container idea and running with it. It’s a good place to sit down and get in touch with their craft.

5. Offices

Space constraints are a serious problem in a lot of countries. Shipping containers are being used to fix this little problem by modifying them into convenient and spacious office buildings.

It’s got the perfect amount of space where all of your necessary office supplies and more will fit into them.

6. Portable Toilets

Mobile toilets have a huge reputation for being gross. So much so that you probably really don’t want to use them. Repurposing storage containers into convenient mobile toilets is a very common idea in many countries that cut back on the gross.

Having a mobile toilet allows for sanitation and hygiene while working at construction sites because they are easy to maintain. They’re even a good idea for events as well. For any place that doesn’t have a public bathroom, these are the best.

Medical Shipping Container7. Emergency Hospitals

Using a storage container as an emergency hospital is sort of like an ambulance in a way but has so much more.

When a huge health emergency arises having a moving workstation for personnel is a huge benefit. It’s got more space than an ambulance so it’s easier to provide aid to an injured or sick person. It’s no wonder that these are popping up all over the place.

8. Stores

Shipping containers are being used in a variety of places as pop-up stores for events. The mobile nature of using a storage container means it’s really easy and quick to tear down shop and move it to another area.

You can also just use them as a small shop in general, even without the mobile capability. It is cheaper than paying for an actual building after all. If you’re just now starting out, this might be the way to go.

9. Sauna

If your tense or just need to relax after a hard day on the job, then this storage container idea is just what you need.

Picture having your own personal sauna without all the cost of actually buying a sauna. Storage containers can make that happen for you. It’s your own personal relaxation center.

10. Disaster Shelter

For those that have to evacuate their homes due to a natural disaster, storage containers can provide a great home until their old home is rebuilt, or they are able to relocate somewhere else.

It might not be ideal, but it can function as well as any other tiny house on the market.

11. Indoor Garden

You can actually convert a storage container into a spacious indoor garden. They have enough space actually to accommodate a soil or hydroponic garden.

All you will need to complete the project is mechanics to control the environment for the plants.

This is a great way to grow your own food. It’s also helpful if you can’t seem to grow your garden in your own yard.

12. Student Housing Facilities

Sometimes in certain countries and cities, space can be a huge issue. Storage containers can actually be a great alternative for student housing.

Sometimes you will see whole dorm buildings completely made out of the containers. With a little bit of repurposing and modifications, It’s a cheap and easy fix for overcrowding.

1Shipping container pool3. Swimming Pools

Because of the length and depth of storage containers they can actually make very ideal public or personal pools.

The best part of using a storage container is that they can be freestanding. You won’t have to deal with the expensive process of digging and costly construction work.

14. Neat Shipping Container Ideas

It seems like shipping containers can be used for just about everything huh? From housing to swimming pools they have a ton of neat uses that are fairly simple to DIY. All you need is a little creativity and an idea in your head to make these awesome shipping container ideas happen.

There can be a lot of different storage containers to choose from, you might not know which one is best for your particular project. Don’t worry, we have you covered with detailed lists on the different containers that we have on the market.

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