Using Construction Trailers As Mobile Restrooms

Using Construction Trailers As Mobile RestroomsMobile restrooms that are commonly found in work sites are noted for their filthiness and inconvenience. However, the introduction of modern mobile restrooms that are made out of steel Conex boxes has addressed the issues in a considerable way. The modern restrooms have innovative designs that make them easy-to-maintain units. This boils down to the fact that you will have to spend less time and money in cleaning and upkeep. Most modern restrooms feature interiors that have durable features. Such features provide soiling-resistance and they can be wiped or washed quite easily.

Modern mobile restrooms feature steel toilets, urinals, and sinks, elaborate drainage system, slip-resistant flooring, plywood walls, and sophisticated facilities such as hand dryers. What’s more important is that the modern mobile restrooms have floor plans that support high- traffic situations. The restrooms are designed keeping into account people’s need for privacy and interestingly, they even feature energy-smart amenities including LED lighting, solar-power activated outdoor lighting, natural ventilation systems, and state-of-the-art HVAC systems.

You can relocate a mobile restroom trailer very easily by using a forklift. If you use a mobile restroom trailer at a construction site and you need to move to another section in your site, you may relocate your mobile restroom easily. This will allow your employees to access the restroom in a convenient manner and to spend less time in taking restroom breaks, which in turn, will help you reduce your downtime and improve your employee productivity.

Today’s mobile restrooms allow for the incorporation of advanced security features. With mobile construction trailers being more vulnerable to theft and with criminals finding sophisticated ways to break into mobile construction trailers, you may want to invest in mobile construction trailers that support the integration of modern security features. You may install a card swipe system or a keypad to prevent unauthorized people from accessing your restroom. This will allow you to prevent crimes at your restroom.

There can be two main ways by which you can address wastewater removal. First off, you may hire professionals to get your restroom’s pipelines connected to the water and sewer systems. However, with this option, you may end up paying high amount of water bills. The other option is to install tanks to store wastewater until it is removed from the site and transferred into water treatment plants. You may make arrangements for a tank truck to remove your wastewater on a weekly basis and this way, you can promote a cost-effective yet an environment-friendly way to use mobile restrooms.

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