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What to Look for When Renting Mobile Office Trailers

Whether you need an office to work at on a construction site or your real office is currently empty for repairs, you might need a mobile office. But before you make a purchasing decision, learn what you need to know about what to look or when shopping for mobile office trailers.

The traditional office space has been experiencing an overhaul in recent years. Mobile offices have quickly become one of the top options for office spaces for modern business owners and workers. This affordable alternative is portable, less expensive to rent than a building, and more environmentally friendly.

Mobile office trailers are frequently used in the construction industry, in education, healthcare, retail, and government.

Where maintenance and repairs in a standard office setting can become expensive, mobile offices are often included in the rental agreement making this option especially appealing for business owners on a budget.

If you’ve been looking into mobile office trailers for your expanding organization, here’s what you should look for:

Mobile Office Trailers That Suit Your Needs

The most important factor in choosing an office trailer is your needs for buying one. You should be absolutely certain about your purpose for the trailer before you choose one. How big does it need to be, what kind of design should it have, how much should it hold, and what should it be made of?

These are all important questions determine before moving forward. The nature of your business and your projected growth in the near future will determine a lot of this for you. Keep your needs in mind as you browse the many trailer options so you don’t get distracted by features that are tempting but not necessary.

Your Trailer Time Line

If you’re certain that you’ll only require an office trailer for a few months as a temporary space while a larger office is built, renting or leasing is the way to go.

If you’re opening a brand new business, you might want to look into an office trailer to rent or lease for a couple of years or even buy a used mobile office. You can always extend a lease and relocate your trailer when needed. One of the many advantages to office trailers is their portability. They can easily be relocated or traded in for a larger unit as your needs change.

You can rent a portable office trailer as an extension of your larger office building. It can be moved from city to city for training purposes, construction jobs, or while introducing your business into a new area.

Look For The Right Size And Capacity

As you survey your trailer options, remember how big your business is and how many people you currently employ. Do certain departments have bigger space demands than others? Are your employees numbers set to increase dramatically in the future? Are you in need of additional meeting space? Do you need a place to entertain clients on a job site for long periods of time?

Pick the right size of trailer to accommodate these needs. Don’t invest in a huge trailer if you don’t really need it. Start with a comfortable size knowing you can always expand if the need arises.

Be careful not to swing too far in the other direction and try to cram too much into a trailer that’s too small either. It won’t do you much good to deal with a bunch of dissatisfied clients and disgruntled employees.

Deciding On Design

When you think about the design of your office trailer, you’ll want to think about your floor plan. Will your office trailer have built-in workstations or cabinets? Will it be comprised of larger, more spacious conference rooms?

There are lots of floor plan options available for rent. Keep in mind that if you want to do a lot of customizing, you may need to go with purchasing an office trailer rather than renting so you can pick and choose everything about it to suit your needs.

Mobile Office Trailers - Price Quotes

Finding Furniture

Search for a portable office trailer that can house the furniture you need. If you need a couple of large conference tables and matching chairs, make sure you look for a trailer that has room for such. If you plan to set up lots of cubicle spaces, you’ll need desks and cubicle walls.

Some trailer rentals offer furniture as part of a package deal when you rent an office trailer from them. The trailer rental office can discuss your furniture needs with you to help you decide the best fit for your new trailer.

Look At Extra Features

In addition to the trailer office design, look for rental offices with additional features that will be important to your business. If the appearance of your portal office is important, look at trailers with shingle roofs, modern vinyl siding, or louvered windows for extra appeal. If you need to install air conditioning or extra bathrooms or additional storage space within your rental trailer, these are things you need to mention to a trailer rental associate.

If electric wiring and full plumbing are required, make sure you look at options where this is possible. All of these extras need to be put in place before you put in any furniture, so look at mobile offices that can accommodate everything.

Consider Expansion Possibilities

Your business will hopefully expand and grow over time. Some businesses grow slow and steady while others double in size seemingly overnight. Consider the how expandable a mobile office is before you rent it.

You may need additional space before long, so as you go through the rental process, discuss what kind of options are available to you for future rental upgrades. You could decide to forgo a smaller trailer rental for a much larger one or rent an additional trailer or two instead.

Discover The Perfect Mobile Office Trailer

Now that you know what to look for, check out the wide variety of mobile office trailers for rent on by suppliers via our website. Our partners also carry many mobile trailers, both new and used, that are available for purchase.

We are ready to help you find the perfect mobile office to suit your business needs as you grow.

Contact us for more information or fill in a request for a free quote on a mobile office today. We look forward to assisting you!

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