Best Advertising Solutions For Construction Companies According to New Survey

A recent survey of construction professionals revealed some pretty important information about advertising – and specifically it uncovered what really worked and what was wasteful spending. The companies interviewed invested anywhere from $25k – $500k annually and used multiple media sources for their marketing such as print, radio, television, and online promotions. The results of this poll are posted in the chart below and we think construction companies can benefit from the experiences of those that participated in the survey and shared their most effective advertising campaigns along with the ones that were a total flop.

 Advertising Tips For Construction Companies in 2014 -2015

Performance Based Advertising For Construction Companies

One type of advertising we highly recommend is performance based marketing, which essentially means you only pay when an action is taken to produce a qualified lead. One such program is the pay-per-click  campaigns offered by Google, Bing, and Yahoo. These type of programs allow you to control your budget and only pay for serious, ready to buy prospects. This process is similar to what US Construction Trailers offers, as we work with a network of companies that supply every type of construction trailer or mobile office solution. Our suppliers only pay a small fee when we connect them with a construction company that is ready to rent or buy a jobsite trailer. The result is our clients save tons of money on advertising and construction companies get extremely competitive quotes from the best local providers of mobile offices. Need a portable office? Get a quote today and experience the savings from performance based advertising solutions for construction businesses for yourself.

Mobile Office Trailers - Price Quotes

Share your advertising experiences with other construction workers below and help others to avoid advertising pitfalls so they can grow their business.

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