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Mobile office trailers are portable buildings that can used as temporary or semi-permanent solutions to a variety of needs, from increased classroom space to construction site administrative centers to affordable small business locations. Often delivered by the companies that rent and sell them, mobile office trailers can be hooked up to any truck with sufficient towing capacity and brought to almost any truck-accessible location. Most mobile offices can also be attached to utility services where hookups are available.

Office Trailers For Job Sites

A huge variety of mobile office trailers is available; different sizes, interior amenities, customizations or prefabrications, location and condition all affect cost. Mobile office trailers can also be bought new or used as well as rented, creating even more pricing variability. Rentals can start as low as a few hundred dollars and run into the thousands; purchases typically start in the low thousands for well-used options and can climb well into the tens of thousands of dollars and beyond for new trailers loaded with amenities.

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Key Items When Buying a Mobile Office Trailer For Your Jobsite

Don’t pay for a mobile office trailer that’s more—or less—than what you need. Be realistic in determining what it will take to give you the function and the comfort you need, and set your budget accordingly. Pay close attention to your location and access points, and make sure you’ll be able to get the mobile office trailer you want to the space where it’s needed.

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  1. I like your advice to be realistic. I think there are two temptations: one is to go too small in the interest in saving money, whereas the second is to go too big while thinking you need more room than you actually do. It’s definitely a balancing act. Great advice.

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