How Much Does a Construction Trailer Cost?

Office Trailer PricesThe cost for mobile offices and construction trailers can be figured out here with just a few steps. There are advantages of renting mobile office construction trailers and there are advantages of buying job-site trailers and what’s right for you will be based on the overall cost for your specific needs. Naturally if you only need a portable office trailer for a short period of time then the best price option will be in a rental, however if your company is continuously involved in construction projects then it would be wise to consider a mobile office trailer.

Cost to Rent a Jobsite Construction Trailer: The cost to rent a trailer is determined by a variety factors, with one of the biggest being the length of time in which you will need the office trailer. Some projects last less than 3 months while others can extend well beyond one year. The second price driver will be the number of square feet, which typically range between 400 –  1,500 square feet. Renting a small office trailer will cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $125 – $500 a month. For exact lease and rental prices from local suppliers please request office trailer quotes here.

Cost to Buy a Mobile Office Trailer: The price to purchase construction office trailers are driven by two factors, with the first being the size of the jobsite trailer you plan to buy. Typically the sizes will range from 8’ x 16’ to 12’ x 64’, depending of course on the average size of the contractors job. Depending on whether the office trailer will be used for a sales office, portable class room, or a construction office the buyer may need additional features added on such as conference rooms, ramps, bathrooms, and electric hookups. These extras will impact the overall cost to buy the portable office. The price range to buy a mobile office trailer tends to run between $14,000 and $40,000 but for exact pricing we recommend that you use our free service to compare several quotes that fit your needs. Just answer a couple basic questions about the office trailer you need and get your answer right away.

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Delivery and Setup: Each company has its own terms regarding the delivery and setup of an office trailer. Don’t assume that any supplier provides this service for free, though in some parts of the states we have found leading dealers that will set up the office trailer at no charge, while others will charge a few thousand dollars. The best practice is to ask in advance.

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