Avoid Accidents and Keep Your Construction Team Safe

More than 6 million people work in the construction industry and accidents are a daily occurrence and at some point causing serious injury and in some cases even death. From falling off ladders or roofs to electrical shock the hazards are everywhere and as one of the nations leading suppliers of mobile office trailers we thought you might appreciate these construction safety tips to help keep your employees safe. These are just the basics and everything from head protection to proper foot and hand gear should be taken in total seriousness so that you reduce or eliminate the risk of on the job injuries.

Tips to keep construction workers safe from injury

Alarming but true simply making sure to properly lift even moderately heavy objects can substantially reduce back injuries on construction job sites. Also, tool belts with too much weight on one side can easily put a worker out of balance making it difficult to walk on high roofs, scaffolds, or ladders. Many people don’t realize that construction work can be a very dangerous occupation and accidents are a common occurrence in almost every company. Please feel free to share your safety tips with other laborers and contractors by sharing your experiences and advice below.

  1. I’m glad I identified your post. Construction Safety is not taken seriously enough and injuries are common on virtually every site.

  2. Good tips. It’s essential to have a medical team readily available since we can’t always predict and avoid accidents. Thanks for sharing.

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