Construction Technology and IT Solutions – 2014 Survey

A survey of over 800 construction professionals revealed some interesting findings and you might be surprised to learn that even with all the advances in todays modern technology many construction companies are not taking advantage of software that can redefine their firms and greatly improve their ROI.  Specifically we are referring to their expectations and knowledge regarding construction information technology solutions. In fact the study showed that 35% of the firms interviewed do not have an employee on staff that is dedicated to IT development for the construction company. The key reason for investing in new technologies were to streamline processes and improving communication and collaboration. This information provided by Sage also indicated that emerging technologies such as cloud computing, mobile devices, and big data are driving the new era of construction. Construction firms that leverage these innovations in a strategic manner where they deliver the biggest benefit in time and cost savings will be poised to sprint ahead of the competition. So whether you’re pricing jobs, managing costs for materials and mobile office trailers, or trying to improve your bottom line we think you’ll find this report to be very helpful.  See full details about their discoveries in the chart below.

Construction Company Software Technology - Survey 2014

Roughly 3 in every 4 companies in the survey admitted they were not fully understanding what “big data” is, which essentially describes a fairly large collection of structured and unstructured data and how widespread access to such data has become. You can find some cool templates to create for own IT strategic plan here.

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