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Class size fluctuations, overflow students from other schools or districts, ongoing growth in the school population without commensurate growth in school funding; there are many reasons that educational institutions of all sizes and at all wavelengths of the educational spectrum might find themselves in need of additional classroom space. When the need arises, there’s no reason to suffer through the long delays and budget overruns of major construction projects—not when US Construction Trailers has competitive money saving solutions modular school buildings, portable classrooms, and easily-delivered trailer-bound offices on hand.

Custom Modular School BuildingSolutionsWhether your school’s need is temporary or long-lasting, the result of a sudden change in circumstances or an eventuality that has long been written on the wall, we can help you rent or buy the portable and modular classrooms that will allow your teachers and your students shine while giving your institution the budgetary breathing room it needs. There’s no need to compromise on comfort, safety, or effectiveness when a properly constructed portable classroom can exceed everyone’s expectations and provide a learning environment in which everyone can excel.

Portable/Modular Classrooms Combine Flexibility and Full Functionality

The portable and modular classrooms available from select affiliates of US Construction Trailers can handle everything a traditional classroom can, from whiteboards to projectors, computer stations to library add-ons. Fully powered, fully wired, fully functional and ready to go from the moment we deliver your classroom and get it hooked up to the moment we come to take it away (for those who choose to rent rather than buy). And given all of this, portable.modular classrooms offer a distinct advantage over traditional rooms.


They can go almost anywhere you want and be almost anything you need

A P.E. classroom on the far side of the field? No problem for a portable classroom trailer. Expand the main building area with classrooms on a former parking lot? Piece of cake for the movable and modular educational facilities we deliver. Temporary classrooms or administrative offices following a flood or during construction? If a vehicle can get to it, our partners can put one of their portable structures there and make sure it’s set up to deliver exactly the services and the environment you’re seeking.

An Important Lesson in Portable Learning

Not everyone has the same know-how or commitment to customer satisfaction as US Construction Trailers. Portable classrooms today are a far cry from the dismal and drafty single-wides of decades past, but not every portable and modular classroom provider has caught up with the times.

For the best portable classroom solutions available to rent or to buy, with delivery and set up included in every order, contact US Construction Trailers today and we’ll pair you up with the right team for your needs. Our portable education experts will help you save and determine the optimal strategy for tackling your school’s space needs, and make sure you get the best learning environment possible no matter what your budget. You and your students don’t deserve anything less.

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