Portable Buildings for Hospitals, Clinics, and Medical Offices

Needs change faster than construction—and funding—can keep up, and medical offices, clinics, and hospitals can suddenly find themselves in need of additional space to treat patients, perform community outreach services, and/or take care of administrative duties. When the need arises but additional construction doesn’t fit meet the pressures of time or budget, US Construction Trailers help you find the perfect solution at a competitive price.

Portable medical/healthcare offices and modular buildings

Portable healthcare building and office solutions
Whether you rent portable structures for a temporary expansion during special projects or want to buy modular healthcare units to create a semi-permanent solution to your growing need for space, we can help deliver exactly what you need right to your door. Your new healthcare provision or administrative office space will be set up and running faster than you might think possible, and at a fraction of the cost of building new permanent structures.

Full Healthcare Office Functionality. No Construction Fuss

Anyone who has been working in the healthcare industry for long enough knows how disruptive construction can be—a current construction project might be the reason you need additional space right now! Whether it’s a temporary relocation to facilitate a more permanent expansion of your healthcare facility or not, though, you can enjoy the full functionality of any permanently-build medical office without the time, expense, noise, and mess of a full construction project.

Phone lines, power supply for medical equipment, surfaces that are easy to clean and disinfect, installable walls, doorways, and modular buildings to ensure patient privacy and confidentiality—the healthcare space experts at US Construction Trailers know the special demands that medical providers face when it comes to obtaining additional working quarters, and our portable healthcare offices have everything you might need. From diagnostics to specialized treatments, we can help you find the right company to outfit your portable and modular structures to serve any conceivable medical purpose.

Portable Medical Office

The Right Solution to Your Medical Office, Hospital, or Healthcare Clinic Needs

Think your project or medical service needs could never be met by a portable or semi-permanent solution? We dare you to see how much we can help you to save. If our affiliates don’t already have the perfect portable office or modular healthcare building for you to rent or buy and have delivered straight to you, we’ll work with our vendors to customize and deliver exactly what you need. No matter how specialized or singular the needs of you or your patients may be, these  portable medical buildings and trailers will fit the bill.

Please request to compare prices from US Construction Trailers and let our partnering experts can help you determine exactly what you need and how those needs can best be met. There’s no need for you or your patients to suffer in cramped quarters or wait for interminable construction to complete when you can have your new portable medical office delivered so much sooner, and at such little expense.

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  1. Modular buildings can be very financial beneficial for your situation. When needing a short term or even long term solution, a portable building can help meet your needs.

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