Modular Construction Cuts Half the Time off of Job Completion

Surprising but true one third of businesses who currently use a modular construction process reported reduced project schedules with nearly 35% of them experiencing decreases of four weeks or more. In today’s get it done faster and cheaper world the question one must ask is should they go with modular construction or traditional. In the fight for building supremacy and leadership, these two very different construction methods will always yield very different results. For many, the fight is lost or won by their ability to deliver quality buildings and a fast return on their investment. Modular Construction is a rapid process that uses prefabricated elements that are assembled in a factory and are transported to the site entirely or almost entirely complete. The below infographic illustrates the benefits of a modular construction solution and shows the time line of a project from start to finish. So if you’re looking for increased money saving benefits and to move your construction project up to a 50% completion time via simultaneous in-factory and on-site work you should get a lot from this report.

Modular Construction Benefits Compared to Traditional Construction Methods

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