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Mobile Office Trailers: Should You Rent or Buy?

Almost every purchasing decision we make seems to come down to this simple question: Should you rent or buy? When it comes to office trailers, the answer is simple.

If your business needs some additional office space fast, you should look into getting some mobile office trailers.

But should you rent or buy? It all depends on the type of mobile office you need, how you plan to use it, how long you need to keep it, and how big your budget is.

Take a look at this guide to learn the benefits of renting and buying a mobile office trailer.

What Is a Mobile Office Trailer?

Mobile office trailers are portable buildings that give your company extra office space when you need it. Manufacturers build these buildings off-site and deliver them to your required location in one piece.

Many manufacturers design portable office trailers for temporary use. While they can’t replace normal office buildings, they give you added space if you need to set up another workplace in a hurry.

And you don’t always have to use them for office space. Industries that might use mobile office trailers include the following:

  • Education
  • Financial
  • Administrative
  • Construction
  • Energy
  • Medical/Dental
  • Religious
  • Refineries
  • Institutional
  • Government

Almost every field can benefit from one of these portable buildings. You can use them for storage, restrooms as a large event, temporary classrooms, security on construction sites, etc.

Why Should I Use One?

Ordering and setting up a portable office is easy. All you need before you get one is enough space. You can customize your office for your specific needs, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money either.

Here’s a quick look at some of the best benefits of mobile office trailers.


You can set up a mobile office when you need it an remove it when you’re done. You can also customize your mobile office trailer with features specific to your business. For example, your mobile office could have internet and data connection, air conditioning, heating, restrooms, alarm system, security cameras, and built-in desks, file cabinets, or other workstations.


Instead of building a new office, you can buy or lease an office trailer and save a lot of money. The process of getting a portable building is fast, and you can start working as soon as it arrives.

It’s not worth investing in the construction of a new building if you don’t need it long term. Mobile office trailers give you the extra space you need while letting you put your money toward more important things.


As long as you have enough space, you can set up a mobile office trailer anywhere. To prepare for the arrival of your portable office, all you have to do is make sure the land is more or less level. You can also mount the building on bricks or cinder blocks to level it out or ensure stability.

How Much Do Mobile Office Trailers Cost?

The exact price of a mobile office trailer depends on several things, including location, demand, size, delivery, and whether you rent or buy. Why do these things make a difference?

Every state has their own prices. Places like the West Coast and Northeast tend to have higher prices than other areas. The cost of delivery will also go up if you are located a long distance from the supplier. Hard to reach places, like remote or mountain locations, add more fees to the delivery expenses.

Size and demand play a big part in the overall price. Larger buildings with more features will cost more than smaller buildings. If there’s a high demand for mobile office trailers in your area, you’ll have to spend more money to get one.

If you want to buy a mobile office, you can pay anywhere from $15,000 to as high as $45,000. If you’re renting a mobile office, prepare to pay at least $200 a month. But it’s common for renters to pay upwards of $900 a month as well.

Should I Buy or Rent?

When looking at the cost, you might think that renting is the better option. But this isn’t always true. It all comes down to how long you need the mobile office and what customizations you need.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the different renting and buying options so you can find the one best suited for your business.

Short-Term Lease

If you only need the mobile office for a short time frame, such as a few months, renting is your best option. Many suppliers require you to lease a mobile office trailer for a minimum of three months.

Long-Term Lease

You can also rent mobile offices for a longer period of time. Some suppliers will give you a cost reduction if you plan to rent for up to a year. This means you can save up to 30% over your entire renting term when compared to a three-month lease.

Renting is still the most cost-effective option if you need a portable office for one or two years.

Buying New

The price of renting can get out of hand if you’re planning to use a portable office trailer for more than three years. In cases like these, it makes more sense to buy your own portable building instead.

You may also want to buy a new mobile office trailer if you need specific customizations for your business. Renting an office with these customizations can be more expensive than buying one. Some suppliers may not even have the right customizations for you to rent.

If you need extra features in your mobile office, you might want to buy instead of rent. A manufacturer will be able to create a mobile building exactly the way you want it.

Buying Used

Used mobile offices are cheaper than brand new mobile offices, so they’re a good option if you need long-term office space but don’t have the budget to pay full price. Keep in mind, used mobile buildings tend to sell “as is.” You may not get the customizations you need, and you may have to deal with damages.

Always inspect a used building if you can. This will let you see what condition it’s in and whether it has any leaks, dents, rust, etc.

Buying Office Trailers for Your Business Needs

Mobile office trailers are a convenient, affordable, and flexible way to get additional office space for your business needs. If you only need a portable office for a few months or years, renting is more cost-effective. But renting isn’t always the best option. Businesses that need portable office space for more than three years or require specific customizations should consider buying their own office trailers.

Interested in renting a mobile office trailer? Take a look at some of these options.

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