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Temporary ClassroomsAre you looking for a temporary classroom? We have found the perfect mobile solution for you! Buy new and used portable classrooms and save.

Many schools have a tough time finding space for pupils, especially on a budget.

In the past, the only way around this was to build more classrooms on site. This was a solution that required time, space and money to pull off.

Now, schools and colleges can find a fantastic alternative in modular classrooms.

More and more institutions are choosing to invest in these temporary teaching spaces. These classrooms have gained traction due to their benefits and ease-of-use. Keep reading to learn all of the advantages of using modular classrooms.

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The Advantages of a Modular Classroom

Modular classrooms are portable, factory-built teaching units constructed offsite. After construction finishes, the unit is shipped out ready for use.

Below are some of the pros of modular classrooms and why they are perfect for any educational site.

Cost of Temporary Classrooms

Modular buildings are more affordable than constructing a permanent building. Their price is usually dependent on the level of customization involved.

The materials used to make them are cheaper than the brick and mortar required for traditional classrooms.

Certain types of modular classrooms, such as timber frame buildings, can look similar to other buildings on site. They may cost more upfront, however.


Temporary classrooms can be easily moved, making them a flexible solution for schools. Move them around based on the greatest need.

This flexibility makes it easy to have them delivered quickly when a need arises. Then they can be removed when no longer needed. This mobility allows these classrooms to fit both creative and practical purposes.


In comparison to permanent buildings, portable classrooms have lightning fast construction. They are erectable in approximately half the time of a regular structure. Some can even have construction completed in as little as 12 weeks.

Their construction and transport make them useful for housing extra pupils at short notice.


There are a variety of design options to choose from when constructing modular classrooms. The easy-assemble materials make it simple to modify the buildings to fit a wide variety of needs.

Schools can choose more custom materials that will match the aesthetic design of the other buildings on campus. An example of these materials is brick and mortar. Using traditional construction materials like these will give the modular buildings a more traditional aesthetic.

Functional options such as wooden floors, Wi-Fi, and security systems are available to meet the school’s needs.

Research shows classroom design has an effect on students’ capacity to learn. So it’s important to note that the students will love the modern look modular classrooms can achieve.

The Inclusion of Temporary Classrooms to Your Site

Implementing modular classrooms can be well worth doing. Their ease-of-use means they can reach schools and are functional in a matter of weeks.

In terms of getting new educational spaces up and running, there is no comparable option. Get in touch with us today if you’d like to know more about how a modular classroom can benefit you!

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