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The Best Temporary Modular Classrooms For Sale In 2020

Discover the best temporary modular classrooms that you can buy in the year of 2020. Starting with small-scale classrooms – all the way up to large complexes.

Time is running out for many. There is going to be a massive influx of students coming to your school shortly and you don’t have enough space. Or you’re trying to get a new school off the ground but you can’t find a building that’s the correct size.

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What options do you have to pull yourself out of this quagmire?

We’ve got three words for you: temporary modular classrooms. But what are these classrooms, and are they feasible options for you and your school?

If you’re pondering the answers to these questions, you’re in luck. We’re here to provide you with a guide to the best temporary modular classrooms for sale in 2020!

What Are Temporary Modular Classrooms?

The big difference between having a normal classroom and a modular classroom is in how they are constructed. Unlike a normal classroom, modular classrooms have several major components of their foundation or structure built in a separate location ahead of time. The pieces are then moved to your desired location and assembled from there.

In terms of delivering and installing the pieces, the typical process involves first checking the building area to make sure it can support the classroom. After that, large trucks will carry the modular pieces to the site, where a crane will lift them into place. Plumbing and the other works are then handled after that.

Temporary Modular Classrooms

And in case you had concerns about safety, fear not. All modular buildings have to meet the same level of code and go through the same inspections that normal buildings do.

The Pros of Modular Classrooms

  • They tend to be a fair bit cheaper than building classrooms through the “traditional” construction process. This is because these classrooms don’t use expensive materials like mortar or brick. They also tend to require less detail than traditional classroom buildings.
  • These things get built fast. If you need a classroom on the fly, modular rooms are your best option.
  • The rooms are portable in a sense. Once you don’t need a room anymore, disassembly is quick and easy too.

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The Cons of Modular Classrooms

  • The primary downside to temporary classrooms is all in the name: temporary. These classrooms generally aren’t designed to be long-term fixtures, and wear and tear may start to show sooner than you expect. This does depend on who you choose to build your classroom however, as certain companies will make modular classrooms designed to last for decades.

Modular Classrooms

Options For Customization

Modular classrooms are quite far from a “one size fits all” sort of solution. But how exactly can you tailor these classrooms to your specific needs?

Option #1: Size

One of the most important factors you can consider is size. After all, if you make your classroom too small, you’ll either have to cram students together like sardines or scrap the room and start all over.

To get a basic estimate of how much space you need, figure out how many people would be in the classroom at one time. To get a mental model of how much space you would need, consider that a king-size bed is about 42.15 square feet in size.

Make sure to pay attention to how occupancy is being measured if you get a quote for a space, however. This is because companies may measure office space differently than classroom space when giving you a quote for how many people can fit inside.

Modular Classrooms For Sale

Option #2: Design

Another option you have with your modular classroom is design. You could go for the cheaper end, make it four walls and a floor with the standard works. Or, you could design it to try and make it as engaging a classroom for students as you can.

Educators recommend that classrooms be spacious and well-lit, as well as properly ventilated so as not to get stuffy. Keeping the classrooms as soundproof as possible is also a great feature to use.

So if you want to optimize learning, think twice before you cut the windows.

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Option #3: Quality Of Life Features

As odd as it may sound, it’s very easy to lose things you take for granted if you rush into the process of building a modular classroom without thinking about what you need. For example, you should make sure your room can receive Wi-Fi signals if you plan to use any Internet-based technology in the classroom.

Proper heating and cooling systems are must-haves! You don’t want to have to explain to parents why their students turned into human popsicles over the winter while they were in your care (ok, a bit exaggerated, but you get the idea).

Best Modular Classrooms

It’s Pricing Time

Now that you know all the different features you can have in a temporary modular classroom, it’s time to talk about how to make these rooms an affordable option for you and your school.

For starters, if you’re on a tight budget, consider purchasing a used modular building. Though it can be intimidating to trust a “second-hand” building when kids are going to be inside it, these rooms still have to go through the same safety inspections a new room would have before they get to you. Plus, they are less expensive than a brand-new room and have more flexibility if you plant to be moving around physical locations a lot.

The downside is of course that you get what you get. If the layout or design of the room isn’t to your liking, you’re out of luck.

Based on your geographic location and the size of the classroom, many companies will offer you a quote on how much the room will cost you. It’s a great way to dip your feet in the idea without submerging in it.

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School’s Back In

Amazing! You’re prepared to start your journey with temporary modular classrooms now that you know all about them!

For more information on these classrooms and how to find out if they are the right fit for you, check out the other posts on our blog! Now get out there and have a great school year!

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