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Why Your Business Should Rent Used Construction Trailers

Are you working on a big construction project but lack facilities for your workers? Or do you need on-site offices to manage the work but have nowhere to put them?

You may be considering a construction trailer for your worksite. However, have you considered the benefits of buying used?

Here are some key reasons why you may want to purchase used construction trailers for your next job.

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There are myriad reasons why you should consider getting a trailer or modular for your construction job. They offer a shelter from the elements for a wide range of personnel and equipment and can be fitted to suit whatever needs your company may have. A modular or construction trailer can very quickly be set up however you need it.

A trailer can be used as basic storage space if you have tools, computers, or other materials and equipment you want to be kept safe from the elements and unscrupulous individuals. A small trailer can even serve as a simple changing and locker room.

However, if you need more from your trailer, it can also serve your needs. If you have people working computer jobs, handling phones, or even performing lab work and tests, a trailer will be a major boon to your operations. Depending on the size, a trailer can be fitted with partitions and rooms, as well as electricity, plumbing, and internet.


Buying or renting a trailer instead of constructing a building can be a huge cost saver, and getting a used trailer will save you even more. Even if it is possible for you to put a building on-site for your project, it may not be economically beneficial.

The cost of constructing a new building varies a lot by region, size, and purpose, but a one-story commercial building will generally cost in the $300-$400 range per square foot. That’s quite a lot of extra costs to sink into your project! With that average, a 60×12 building could cost (very roughly) between $200,000 and $300,000!

Compare that with the cost of purchasing a trailer. While trailer costs also vary widely based on size, materials, and location, a new trailer of the same size could cost 1/10 that cost! Many trailers of similar size sell in the $20,000 to $30,000 range, offering you much more bang for your buck, particularly in the short run.

Purchasing a used trailer will bring your operational costs down even further. Used doesn’t have to mean beat up or poor quality, but it does mean less expensive.

If you are serious about saving costs on your project, consider a used modular or construction trailer.


Buying a used trailer can save you time, as it is often ready as it is. A new building takes quite a bit of time to set up (which you already know if you’re working on construction). Even a new trailer will generally take more time, as the company has to set up and manufacture the trailer.

The manufacturing process is often a lengthy, time-consuming process. Even the process for modular construction can take quite some time. This is a process where buildings are manufactured off-site and then transported to their location to be installed and set up with utilities.

A trailer is much easier to transport and takes quite a bit less time, particularly if it is already constructed. You don’t have to worry about the actual manufacturing process, and you simply have to take care of reworking the existing model to fit what you need.

Rearranging rooms and hooking up utilities will get your project underway much faster than building an entire office or trailer from scratch!


If you buy or rent a used construction trailer, you also set yourself up well to know exactly what you’re getting. Many new vehicles, houses, and buildings often have fundamental issues that don’t appear right away.

A used trailer has been tested, and any potential problems should have been identified and dealt with. If a reputable company buys the trailers to clean and maintain them, you can trust that “used” doesn’t mean “trashed.” Much the same with cars, you can save a lot of money and get something reliable if you buy used.

While you certainly should keep your eyes open when buying used products, you should also realize how much of your own belongings were bought used. Are your car, your house, your company, and your equipment all brand new? Some of them could be, but you saved plenty of money and worry whenever you bought used.

If it’s in good condition, a pre-owned trailer is something that you can buy without worry. You need a solid structure to protect your personnel and equipment, and if it does that job well, that’s what you need! You don’t need the sticker to still be on the side of the building to know that it’s a quality product.

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We offer a wide variety of used construction trailers to purchase or rent, for whatever your company’s needs may be. We aim to bring you quality business through local dealers, providing you fast, inexpensive service to help your business.

Whatever your needs with trailers, we’ll do our best to set you up! Tell us your space and style requirements, your location and utility needs, and whatever else you need. Feel free to compare quotes on our site, and we’ll do our best to give you the quality service you deserve.

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