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Portable Office Trailers for Sale: How to Find One in Your Budget

The semi-trailer market was worth more than USD 30.56 billion in 2020. It is anticipated to rise to USD 45.48 billion by 2027, with a CAGR of more than 5.3 percent over the forecast period.

Mobile office trailers are becoming more and more popular as a workspace choice. Most business owners prefer these workplaces because of their portability and affordability.


Many businesses prefer secondhand portable office trailers for sale over new models because they are often used for temporary purposes.

Building traditional workstations is more inefficient and expensive than using used office trailers. However, just as you would do when building a new office, you must examine a number of variables before purchasing used office trailers.

Keep reading to know how to find used portable office trailers for sale.

Have an Idea of What Your Company Needs

Portable construction office trailers are customizable, and most companies offer many options. Ensure you first determine what your company will need in your construction trailer. For instance, you may need:

  • A space to hold presentations
  • Meeting rooms
  • Kitchen or bathrooms
  • Offices for employees

Ensure you write down each of your company’s needs before contacting an office trailer company. You can ask them to accommodate all your wants and needs.

Size of the Portable Office Trailer

The size of the portable office trailer is a great determinant of the price of the office trailer. You can get a single-wide unit ranging from 160-square feet to 630-square feet.

There are also small portable office trailers and general common space to accommodate up to 6 people. Double-wide office trailers are often twice the size and have kitchen space and break areas.

You may also opt for a triple-wide, though it will be expensive. The triple-wide office trailers will accommodate up to 20-people.

You need first to consider how you will use the office space to know the exact size you need.

Terms of the Lease/Purchase Agreement

When planning to sign a lease or purchase agreement for a portable office trailer, ensure you understand all the terms in the contract. That way, you will avoid surprises down the road.

Here are some of the things to look for in your agreement:

  •  Can they move the office trailer to another location?
  •  What will happen if your company damages the trailer?
  •  What’s the length of the lease?

Read through each document before moving forward with the agreement. If you find this task daunting, consider having your legal team look at the agreement.

Budget and Cost

You need to have a budget ahead of time and know the amount you will pay for new, used, or rental office trailers. Consult with your finance team and have a budget of what you can spend each month if you’re going to rent.

Also, you can have a total budget if you will buy a portable office trailer. The renting price for a portable office trailer can range from $200 to $900 per month. That will depend on the trailer’s size and features.

If you opt to buy an office trailer, expect to part with anywhere between $15,000 and $45,000. On top of that, the price may vary depending on factors like:

  •  Seasons and demand
  •  Geographical locations
  •  Delivery options and the distance
  •  The length and type of contract

Remember, temporary office trailer costs will vary depending on your location and the supplier. Ensure you receive many quotes before making your final decision.


Choosing a Reputable Supplier

In most industries, not all companies have the same high standards. The portable office trailer industry is no different, so ensure you work with the right company.

Do a lot of research and look at the companies’ websites. See their previous customers’ reviews and years of experience in the industry.

Their websites will let you know the company type and operation. When you find everything is good, set up a meeting with them immediately.

But, ensure you first create a list of questions to ask them ahead of time. Here are a few questions you can ask any office trailer business:

  •  What are the size options you have?
  •  Do you lease and sell?
  •  What kind of features are you offering?
  •  Do you have new and used office trailers?
  •  Do you offer customization?
  •  Are your offices new?
  •  Where do you get your offices?
  •  What will happen when damage occurs?
  •  What are your price ranges, and how are they affected?
  •  How will transportation work?
  •  How is your delivery process?
  •  What are the fees I need to know?
  •  How is your customer service?
  •  Can we know the contracts and leasing options?
  •  What are your liability and warranties?

The company should easily answer the above questions. If all goes well and they answer everything to your satisfaction, you have the right portable office trailer company to work with here!

The Buying and Renting Process

The office trailer renting or buying process has to be as smooth as possible for you. The supplier needs to have a simple and easy-to-follow process.

Before moving ahead with the buying or renting process, look at the entire process. That way, you can avoid future surprises.

Often, here is what the process looks like:

  •  Contact the portable office trailer supplier
  •  Receive a quote
  •  Settle any questions and concerns
  •  Receive and go through the agreement and paperwork
  •  Sign over the documents
  •  Set the delivery time for your company
  •  Receive the office trailer and have the company set it up
  •  Receive a confirmation and buyer sanctification call
  •  Begin using the portable office trailer

The process should be typically fast and easy. Consider contacting and asking ahead of time about the specific process of the office trailer company.

Find the Best Portable Office Trailers for Sale

Portable office trailers are great for having extra office space without committing to a long-term lease. When looking for portable office trailers for sale, you must consider all the above factors.

At U.S. Construction Trailers, we offer free services to help you find what you need easily and for less. After knowing your needs, we will pair you up with five portable office dealers with excellent services and fast delivery.

Contact us to get free quotes.


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