Cost Guide for Renting and Selling Mobile Office Trailers

mobile office trailers

The productivity growth rate of the construction industry is disproportionate to its total GDP of 13%. In part, this is because construction managers work between the construction site and their off-site offices. Displaced from their team, they are unable to provide the on-site leadership their teams need.

If you’re construction company experiences similar problems, you may be looking for a way to streamline management in the field. If so, then mobile office trailers are perfect for you. Mobile office trailers provide increased efficiency for your management and on-site workers.


Most importantly, they cost less than your average office space rental. Follow along in this cost guide as we break down the benefits and prices of buying or renting mobile office trailers for your construction company.

Benefits of Using Mobile Office Trailers

With on-site administrative supervision, mobile office trailers can increase productivity levels at construction sites. As a result, mobile office trailers are becoming more common on-site for larger projects. Some other benefits of buying or renting mobile office trailers are:


When your construction manager doesn’t have to juggle two worksites, they save a ton of time. Moreover, your workers don’t have to wait when they need more direction. They can walk right up to the mobile office space and ask the manager direct questions.


Even when you buy a mobile office trailer, the return on investment is huge. Paying for office space rent in a metropolitan area can cost up to $70 per square foot. The math on that works out to about $3,500 a month for a mere 50 square foot office.

Portable and Convenient

One of our favorite benefits of mobile office trailers is that they move with the job. Very rarely do construction workers do two jobs in the exact same place. A stationary office means varying commute times to your job site with every new project.

Instead, take the office with you. Your mobile office space can go wherever you have a flat, dry plot of land on-site.

Flexible Leasing

Not everyone chooses to buy their mobile office space. There are plenty of rental options for you to choose from.

So, you can try out an office for one project, return it, and try a different office for the next. You get to custom select your workspace according to your needs and the constant changes in the construction industry.

Should You Buy or Rent Mobile Office Space?

Choosing to buy or rent mobile office trailers is a decision specific to you. Though we can’t give you a direct answer on what’s best, we can help guide you to make a suitable decision. So, let’s start with a comparison of buying and renting office trailers.

One of the most notable benefits of buying your own office trailer is that you get 100% ownership of it. You will be able to fix up or modify it any way you see fit, and because you own it, when something breaks down, that is your responsibility to fix it.

However, once you make your purchase, you’re stuck with it. If, for some reason, it’s too small, too big, or otherwise inadequate, you can’t always return it after use. So, you’re only option is to sell, which can be a hassle.

Also, buying isn’t always financially viable for some companies. The upfront costs of buying an office trailer can be too high. So, they look to renting.

Renting is beneficial for all the things buying is not. While rentals sometimes require a security deposit, there are few upfront costs like down payments. Also, you don’t have to pay for damages covered by the lease agreement- your rental agency handles all the associated maintenance.

The downside of renting is that you won’t get any return on investment. Over time, a purchased office space will begin to pay for itself in what you save from renting. But, renting itself can feel like throwing money away.

You should take these factors into consideration when you make your decision. If you’re still unsure, we recommend starting with rentals and moving on if you’re satisfied with mobile office trailers.

Average Costs to Rent Mobile Office Trailers

A mobile office trailer can cost anywhere from $100 to $12,000 per month to rent. Though this seems like a huge price difference, a lot of factors go into this average, like trailer size, model, and amenities. Here’s a basic breakdown of trailer rental costs based on size:

  • Small Trailers (Single-Wide): $100-$300/Month
  • Medium Trailers (Single-Wide): $200-$550/Month
  • Large Trailers (Single-Wide): $500-$800/Month
  • Large Trailers (Double-Wide): $800-$1200/Month

In addition to rent, you should expect other fees associated with a trailer rental. For example, delivery and set-up for mobile office trailers can range from $1,000 to $1,500, depending on your rental company. They may also charge for removal after your lease is over.

There also may be costs associated with whatever amenities you need. For example, if you need HVAC, plumbing, electricity, and internet in your mobile office space, expect to pay for it. Moreover, since you’re on a construction site, it would be wise to purchase rental insurance for your trailer as well.

Average Costs to Buy Mobile Office Trailers

You can purchase both new and used mobile office trailers for construction sites. Used trailers are often cheaper than their new counterparts, ranging from $3,000 to $20,000 depending on their size, floorplans, and amenities.

Sometimes used portable offices come furnished, saving you a bit of money. Like with other used purchases, there is risk involved in buying one. Be sure to conduct a thorough inspection and estimate total repair costs before buying a used office trailer.

Buying a new trailer comes with less risk, but costs more. On average, new construction trailers cost between $19,000 and $50,000. Remember, these costs do not include the fees for installing the trailer and all the required amenities. Also, you will have continuing maintenance costs whenever you decide to purchase the trailer instead of renting it.

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