Top 5 Benefits of Getting a Portable Office Rental

portable office rental

Your company has just been awarded a large construction contract. The project will take a year or more to complete. You will need to have someone at the construction site.

The onsite supervisor is going to require a space to meet with clients and handle administrative tasks. Building an office on-site is not an option. Too time-consuming and cost prohibitive.

You know a jobsite trailer could provide the space to conduct business. Yet, you are unsure of the options or the costs.

Let’s discover the top five benefits of a portable office rental.

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Design Options

A jobsite office comes in various sizes to meet your needs. To accommodate one or two employees, a smaller 8 by 20-foot trailer would provide 200 square feet of office space. Maybe you require additional space to have room for an office and storage?

There are several size options available depending upon the number of occupants and the desired floor plan. Square footage ranges from 200 to 1,400 feet.

The flexible design allows you to customize the space you require. When configuring your portable office space, you can choose the type of ventilation, air conditioning, and heating.

Job-site Office Trailers

You can give input on your lighting and electrical needs as well as storage options. Separate office spaces and cubicles can be configured for supervisors and employees.

To conduct business, your office rental can be outfitted with internet, phone, and fax capabilities. Whatever you need in an office building can be provided in a jobsite trailer.

Maybe an employee break area is the respite space you require. Water hook-ups are also an option especially if the availability of restrooms is a necessity. Showers can be added for convenience.

There are countless add-ons for a portable mobile office. Whatever options you choose, there will be a jobsite trailer to fit your business and your budget.

Cost Effective

A portable mobile office is a ready-made workspace solution. You don’t have the expense of pouring a foundation and the time-cost of building a new structure. With an office rental, there is no loss of money or time.

Cost of Shipping Containers

The office rental is delivered to the job site ready to use. A portable office that is prefabricated and stocked with your customized design options. This is a perfect temporary workspace available to you for as long as needed.

The bottom line, a jobsite trailer will cost less than a custom office building and offers the flexibility of a variety of options. Overall, you’ll save money.


A Jobsite office will provide for administrative functions with the exact design space that you need. It can be used in remote locations which is a bonus.

A portable mobile office is not a permanent structure. You can contact your leaser and move it to different locations when and where, as required. This will give your business flexibility when needed.

Once the construction project is complete, you can discontinue using the jobsite trailer with no further obligation or investment. The versatility of a portable office provides flexibility for your organization.

Portable Office Rental: Productive Workspace

A portable office rental will provide a secure space to store valuable items or equipment on-site. Locking mechanisms are available for doors and windows adding much-needed security.

To safeguard your business from theft, video monitoring cameras and systems can be installed. Any expensive equipment at risk of weather damage can be stored in the trailer nightly.

Workers can store personal items of value in the trailer keeping them safe until retrieved when needed.

Construction sites are noisy. Jobsite trailers provide a quiet workspace allowing your team to be more productive.

Everyone needs a break now and then during the workday. The jobsite trailer can provide a calm break space for workers to eat or just take a moment to regroup. Heat on a cold day and air-conditioning when it’s hot will be welcomed by all employees.


The jobsite office is constructed in a controlled factory setting. The materials utilized are not exposed to the elements which can damage the quality and suitability of use.

Construction Office Trailers

The well-planned building process outlines the raw products required. Each portable structure is measured in advance which makes for optimal purchasing power and efficiency. Any materials not used while fabricating the portable office will be used on the next project.

A portable office is energy efficient. Most come equipped with solar power and eco-H generators. Of course, the portability of the office trailer promotes recycling as the whole building is reused.

A traditional building on a slab, unable to be moved, would need to be torn down. This creates waste. The portable office rental can be used again, and again, minimizing waste and the demand for raw materials.

Summing It Up

With the variety of design options, it is easy to customize your office to meet the needs of administrative staff and workers. A ready-to-use jobsite trailer can be delivered quickly ensuring smooth business operations.

The prefabricated buildings are friendly to the environment. The rental fee is affordable, and you have the convenience of being on the jobsite rather than a distant office.

Knowing you have a secure and comfortable space for supervisors and workers will provide peace of mind.

Finding the Portable Office Solution

There is a lot to consider when choosing a jobsite trailer. A portable office provides versatility There are many size options available. You will be able to find a rental option that is just right for your business.

A portable office rental is the solution you need to make your job-site function efficiently. Request a quote. At U.S. Construction Trailers we’re happy to help you find the construction trailer that is right for you.

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