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How to Set up Efficient Mobile Offices for Ultimate Productivity

In the past decade, the demand for jobs that aren’t worked in a traditional office is skyrocketing. Millennials don’t want to work in offices.

Between the years of 2005 of 2015, the number of workers that did 50 percent or more of their work from home increased by 115 percent.

What about offices where working from home isn’t always an option? You want to attract employees to your business. Mobile offices can help.

Mobile offices can create a temporary workspace for your employees that can be very appealing. It’s the type of innovation that people are looking for. You only need to make sure your employees are productive.

Ways to Set up Your Mobile Offices for Maximum Productivity

There are a lot of tips out there on how to maximize the efficiency in your office. They may have been ones you’ve heard before, but are still very important. Set small goals, take breaks, minimize distractions.

You may have heard that certain colors or furniture setups help get the productive juices flowing. All these things are great and all work for some people. But the game changes a little when you’re working with mobile offices, so make sure you’re on your toes.

Get Portable

The main difference between a traditional office and a mobile office, of course, is that it’s mobile. That means that the entirety of your office has to be portable.

People’s personal workstations can’t be difficult to move. You’ll cut down on your efficiency if you have to keep moving things around that take a long time to set up or lug.

Employees should have laptops powerful enough to get the job done. You may want to consider the idea of tablets when you’re working in a mobile office because they’re both functional and portable.

The Connection

Before you do any moving, get an iron-clad deal with your internet provider that by the time you’re working in your mobile station, the internet will be up and running. Having to deal with connectivity issues will grind your productivity to a halt.

You should also be readily connected to others that might be working out of different mobile locations. Have a strategy set up that lets them know when you will be working and where. It also doesn’t hurt to have connective programs like access to the Cloud and Dropbox to keep collaborating if people aren’t all in the same place.

You need to maintain your phone and fax service as well. Using a virtual phone line can help you make a seamless transition. Your clients or business partners won’t even notice you might have gone mobile.

Get with the Digital Age

If you moved from a standard office to a mobile office, there are likely some papers that you’re wondering what to do with. If you have the time, get all those documents online and well-organized in a way that you’ll know exactly where they are if you need them.

Once you upload those papers they can hit the recycling bin. Making paper files electronic is a good habit to get into because it’s backed up in case you’ve lost the paper. If it’s practical for your business, you can ditch paper all-together.

You don’t want the extra hassle and responsibility of transferring paper files to and fro. Some documents may be necessary to keep on hard copy, but you can digitalize anything like notes, agreements, or minutes.

Put in Some Effort

It’s not a new fact that your working environment affects how well you do your job. Your mobile office doesn’t have to look like something that you threw together haphazardly because you needed somewhere to go. There are plenty of ideas out there for fantastic mobile office setups.

Some employees might love the idea of a mobile office. Others may be more disgruntled at the idea. Meeting them with an environment that has care and thought put into it can help put them at ease.

Keep in Touch

One of the keys to mobile working is communication. The key to any successful workplace is communication, but when you’re mobile, it becomes even more mandatory.

People aren’t always going to be in the same place, and the structure of the workweek might change. Because of that, encourage that people check in with each other at the very least once a week. This will help them stay motivated, know where their colleagues are with their projects, and keep on task themselves.

Plan the Day

Because the office is mobile, distractions might be heavier than they were in a regular office. Planning out your or your employees day in a more step-by-step way that happened in the past may help you to avoid sacrificing your productivity.

Keeping a to-do list for work helps you stay on target. You can share this with your co-workers to help create accountability for yourself and allow them to check in on the work that you’re doing. If they do the same thing, you can all work together to be productive.

It’s Time for a Change of Scenery

Mobile offices are not only beneficial when you can’t have a traditional office and want to be more productive. There are all kinds of benefits that come with this workspace.

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